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What is it?

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is now a mandatory requirement in the UK, requiring all large undertakings to carry out regular energy assessments of their organisations. If you employ more than 250 employees, or have a turnover more than £38,937,777 and a balance sheet exceeding £33,486,489, you will need to undertake an ESOS Assessment.

When Do I Need To Act?

The date for assessing if your business fits the qualifying criteria is 31 December 2014. Compliance with ESOS is then required by 5th December 2015.

How Do We Comply?

There are four routes to compliance with ESOS:

·         ISO 50001 certification

·         Display Energy Certificates (DECs)

·         Green Deal Assessments (GDAs)

·         ESOS compliant energy audits.

However, if the scope of the ISO Certification, DEC or GDA does not cover all your energy use then you will need to undertake ESOS compliant energy audits.

ISO 50001 and ESOS

ISO 50001 is arguably the most effective route to compliance and on going compliance.  However, if you do not yet have certification to ISO 50001 and do not have the certification planned before the 5th December deadline yet, it is very unlikely you will be able to achieve certification in time as there will be limited availability of certification services due to the high demand.

ESOS Compliant Energy Audits

The main route to compliance is the ESOS energy audit.  This typically comprises of the following activities:

1.       Confirming qualification criteria for ESOS and scope and boundary of the assessment
2.       Appointing a Lead ESOS Assessor
3.       Identifying sources of information on energy information such as energy invoices, meter readings, tank levels, flow meters etc.
4.       Identifying sources of information on associated activity data such as, production levels, equipment registers, run hours, working hours, staff numbers, office characteristics etc.
5.       Collating energy and activity information
6.       Determining activities or sites which can be excluded as being de minimis under the regulations
7.       Undertaking site visits
8.       Analysing energy consumption and activity data
9.       Identifying areas of significant energy consumption
10.    Auditing areas of significant energy consumption
11.    Identifying energy saving opportunities
12.    Determining energy profiles
13.    Calculating energy/cost savings
14.    Establishing and maintaining evidence file throughout assignment
15.    Undertaking a Lead ESOS Assessor Review
16.    Preparing report on ESOS assessment including findings
17.    Presenting report to Directors for sign off.

Lead ESOS Assessor

An important aspect of the ESOS assessment is the requirement for a registered Lead ESOS Assessor who is required to check that the assessment has been completed in accordance with the regulations.  There are various registers of approved assessors, for example:   Where you have carried out an ESOS Compliant Energy Audits yourself, the Lead Assessor can simply review your work, and if it meets the requirements of the regulations, sign it off.  If you do not have the time or expertise to do this work, then the Lead Assessor may be able undertake most of, or all of the assessment themselves.  A Lead ESOS Assessor can does not have to be independent of your organisation so if someone in your organisation has the appropriate experience, then they can register as a Lead ESOS Assessor.


Ted Rosser is SGC’s registered Lead ESOS Assessor.  He can assist you with all aspects of ESOS audits, whether it is simply to review and sign off assessments or undertake the complete energy assessments.  If you would like to discuss your requirement, then simply email



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